SolidWorks in Machinery Design

Freedom of Thought and Expression for Creative Machine Design using SolidWorks

Innovation forms the heart of Machine Design.  SolidWorks find usage in varied types of machine design.  Some of the include Machine tool, packaging, material handling, presses, special purpose machines, automation equipments, manipulators, food and beverage processing to name a few.

Why is SolidWorks preferred by Machinery Manufacturers?

SolidWorks has been the choice of Design in Machinery Development worldwide for many functional reasons.  Be it flexibility, ease of use, integrated Finite Element validation, mechanism design validation, optimization of design or just concept feasibility study, SolidWorks has been providing machine designers with tools that enable them to concentrate on their designs instead of burdensome complexity in tool usage.  Designers have been able to develop better products since the emphasis has shifted from learning a CAD software to using SolidWorks in an effective manner.  Inspite of rich toolsets, functional differentiators have enabled companies to swifly decide on SolidWorks as a choice sin qua non.  Some of the reasons are:
  • Correctness and Completeness of Drawings according to ASME / ISO Standards using DimXpert
  • Design for Manufacture checks using DFMXpress
  • Configurable Designs using SolidWorks Configuration Management with Microsoft Excel Integration
  • Integrated Design Validation  using SolidWorks Simulation and SolidWorks Flow Simulation
  • Design Optimization based on Part Dimensions as Design Variables
  • Rule Based Design Automation using DriveWorks Xpress
  • Safe Transition from 2D to 3D with no need to convert legacy Data - FREE 3 DWGEditor licenses with SolidWorks

Machinery Segments addressed by SolidWorks

While there are many applications in machinery that SolidWorks finds extensive usage, some of the popular choices among SolidWorks User Community are found in the following vertical segments:
  • Machining Centres
  • Special Purpose Machines
  • Textile Machinery
  • Packaging Machinery
  • Food Processing Machinery
  • Welding Machinery
  • Automation Equipments
  • Material Handling
  • Batch Processing Machinery
  • Printing Machinery
  • Office Equipment
  • Cleaning Machinery
  • Conveyors & Sorting Machinery
  • Testing Equipments and Systems
and many more ....
Here is a customer testimonial:
'We aren’t utilizing SolidWorks because it’s the newest trend, or because it’s impressive—we’re using it because it's absolutely necessary to provide you with the fastest, most accurate, and cost effective results.'
Lower the Cost and Risk of Machine Design: Get It Right the First Time
(Article from National Instruments on Machine Design using NI Lab View and SolidWorks)

EGS India - Your Partner for Machine Design Using SolidWorks

EGS India - SolidWorks Reseller in India - has been working with numerous machinery manufacturers helping them design precision machineries and systems for higher productivity, reliability and profitability.  Salient benefits achieved by our customers include:

  • Fit, Form and Functional design of machine designs incorporating new generation technologies
  • Validation of design using SolidWorks Simulation for increased MTBF (Life), Least Cost and Superior Performance
  • Tolerance Stack Up analysis for achieving 0 PPM
  • Drawings based on Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing using DimXpert per ANSI / ISO Standards
  • Proven knowledge of design process for product design from EGS India
EGS India is committed to helping Indian Industries develop superior products while incorporating ingenuous technologies and processes !
Did You Know that end-product tolerances are dictated by the Cp and Cpk of the machines, in turn influenced by their tolerances in assembly build?