Farming and Agricultural Equipment FEA by EGS India

Agricultural Equipments: FEA Services from EGS India

Equipments, Machineries and Implements involved in the Food Chain are always challenging to devise and sustain on account of varied parameters including cost-effectiveness, efficiency, lower operational cost, increased up-time and above all varied environment conditions and practices.  EGS India has been involved in designing and validating agricultural equipments for many manufacturing industries in India.

Some of the past projects include:
  • Design and validation of last-stage gear reduction for tractor application
  • Design and Optimization of Tractor Axle Housing for next generation tractor
  • Field-failure simulation and elimination of warranty problem in Tractor Fenders
  • Implement Load calculations for varied land conditions
  • Weight reduction of power train components in Agricultural Equipments
  • Elimination of field failures in coolant pumps of Argicultural Engines
  • Design, Optimization and Development of Centrifugal Pumps for agricultural applications

In all these situations EGS India has delivered time and again, meeting demanding situations and helping customers win orders, achieve higher profitability without compromising on safety and warranty objectives.

Stiffness and Stress Analysis of Load carrying members
Life Estimation of Moving components and assemblies
Weight Reduction of Equipments, implements and tractor components
Noise Reduction in Exhaust Systems and Silencers on Tractors
Performance estimation Grain Sorting machines
Gear Box Design Validation
Oil Cooled Braking System design validation
Serviceability Analysis of Tractor aggregates
Analysis to test correlation for strains, frequency, life
Thermo-mechanical analysis of seals
Estimation of vibration in Gear Boxes, Power train, Engine sub-systems
Warranty: Service Life calculation for Tractor sub-systems
System level analysis for performance prediction
Prediction of Failure Modes and Effects

Rear Axle Design and Optimization for Tractor Applications - FEA by EGS India
Tractor Rear Axle FEA

Implement Kinematic Analysis
Kinematic Analysis - Design Validation and Value       Engineering for Least Cost     

Why EGS India for Agricultural Equipment FEA Services?

Salient reasons why customers continue to provide opportunity to EGS India for their agricultural equipment design and validation, are:

  • Knowledge of Service Loads and Operational requirements
  • Domain Knowledge on Finite Element Analysis for automotive and material handling aspects of agricultural requirements
  • Rich experience from projects done over a decade of engagement with the agricultural industry
  • Tangible benefits in terms of cost reduction, value engineering and USP for equipments evaluated.
  • Trusted solutions delivered time and again.
Did you know?
Real Cost Reduction depends on cost-effective engineering design of agricultural machineries - lean design.