SolidWorks in Power Applications

SolidWorks Delivers Sustainable Designs in Power Applications

Go Green - With Global Warming and Sustainable Development getting the focus they deserve, Power Generation Equipment Manufacturers as well as Power Plant Integrators are looking for ways and means to develop Next Generation Cost-effective Technologies for Higher Efficiency and Performance.  SolidWorks along with EGS India has been working hard with various Manufacturers in India towards augmenting their design capabilities to achieve these goals.

Why do Indian Power Plant Designers Choose SolidWorks?

Every Power Plant Equipment Manufacturer, Supplier or Integrator is confronted with three challenges, namely, delay in project completion, cost over-run and Re-work due to change in design, specification, site and/or project co-ordination.  An assessment of the reaons for the stated challenges would reveal that the Drawings and the Bill of Material Estimation form the heart of the project management.  Changes in drawings (driven by errors and/ or revision of scope) and BOM directly influence the profitability of the Project.  SolidWorks has delivered, time and again, in helping to address these challenges in many ways.  Some of the benefits enjoyed by our customers in Power Plant Industry include:
  • Design Automation - Integrated SolidWorks 3D and 2D designs helps propagation of downstream and upstream changes
  • Knowledge Based Engineering - SolidWorks Ensures Assimilation and Re-use of Knowledge
  • Integrated Validation - Solidworks Simulation Accurately estimates system performance, optimization and value engineering
  • Design checks such as interference detection ensures elimination of costly re-work at site
  • BOM accuracy and automatinc generation with integration to MRP/ ERP systems helps estimate quantities and costs even a priori - at the RFQ stage !
  • Integrated Product Data Management using Enterprise PDM for Solidworks and 2D CAD drawings and designs including Non-CAD data, helps ensure dissemination of knowledge, project status and progress, on a need-to-know basis, in a secure manner, considerably enhancing efficient project management.
All these initiatives, using SolidWorks, by reputed Power Plant Equipment Manufacturers and Integrators have help address the challenges faced by the Industry.

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SolidWorks in Non-Conventional Energy Applications

SolidWorks is used in various areas of Non-Conventional Energy, namely, Wind, Fuel Cell Technology, Solar energy, Ocean Technology among others.  In addition to providing Clean energy, Design Engineers have been able to leverage on New generation technologies from SolidWorks in evaluating different alternate concepts to arrive at cost-effective designs.  EGS India has been working with many Companies, Start-ups, Non-Government Organizations in providing tools and techniques to provide critical solutions with the resolve and dedication to help built a sustainable eco-system.  Salient benefits achieved by our customers include:

  • Quicker development of designs
  • Feasibility studies in cost-effective manufacturing using sustainable raw materials
  • Validation of designs for efficiency and performance
  • Value Engineering of Sub-systems for lower cost of operation and maintenance
  • Indigenisation and Innovation for Rural applications and Integration
EGS India is committed to helping Indian Industries develop Clean Energy Technologies for a Green Earth !
Did You Know that 85% of Product Cost is determined by Design?

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