Tolerance Stack Up Analysis Services by EGS India - Predict Assembly Build and Performance for 0 PPM
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G D & T and Tolerance Stack Up Analysis Services from EGS India

Manufacturing Industry is always on the look out for ways and means to reduce costs and increase profitability.  Unambiguous expression of Design Specification is possible by incorporating G D & T  (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing ) in the Design process.

EGS India performs the following services in Drawing Generation, Interpretation and Prediction of Assembly Build and Performance:
  • Development of G D & T Drawings per ASME Y 14.5 / ISO Standards
  • Conversion of Plus/ Minus Toleranced Drawings to G D & T Drawings
  • 1-D, 2-D and 3-D tolerance stack up analysis to predict Assembly Build and Performance
  • Worst Case Tolerance Analysis with Inteference Check for predicting Build Issues
  • Least Cost Tolerancing of parts to protect assembly build and function based on Process Capability available in the Organization
  • Optimization of Tolerances for Least-Cost
  • Sensitivity Analysis of Tolerances for specified objectives in Assembly and Performance
  • Specification of Inspection Dimensions for Quality Control
  • Prediction of Rejection in terms of PPM based on available process capability

Download  Industry 2.0 Magazine Article on Solving Quality Issues by Design - A G D & T and Tolerance Stack Approach

Assembly Tolerance Stack Up Analysis
Assembly Tolerance Stack Up Analysis   
Assembly Stack Up Analysis
Assembly Stack Up Analysis

Why Dimensional Management Services from EGS India?

EGS India has been conducting Dimensional Management Projects for customers and has been delivering on Build Objective requirements. Unique Capabilities of EGS India include:

  • Knowledge of Design Engineering Process and DFMEA procedures
  • Specification of Design Intent on Drawings for Assembly and Inspection using G D & T
  • Procedure based approach to Dimensional Management
  • Training on G D & T for almost a decade
  • Proven capabilities in Design Engineering of Complex assemblies of mechanical engineering products
Did you know?
Perfection in a product is a reflection of Perfection in Drawing.  Quality is predictable and achievable easily with good drawings.