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Automotive Design & Development: Engineering Analysis Services from EGS India

Innovation, technology, performance and reliability are the hallmarks of success in automotive industry.  EGS India specialises in delivering value in terms of meeting these challenges using Finite Element Analysis.  Domain Knowledge acquired since 1993, helps EGS India deliver better designs for automotive Tier I, II and Ancillary Manufacturers.  Some of the recent benefits our customers have enjoyed, from our FEA Services, include:
  • Cost-effective alternate designs of automotive components for higher life
  • Elimination of Vibrations in Vehicle Systems
  • Weight Reduced Designs for Mass Transport Systems such as Buses
  • Superior Ride Comfort and Enhanced Life of Air Suspension Systems
  • Elastomeric Sealing Systems - Effective Designs for higher performance
  • Development of Lubricating Oil Pump for Diesel Engines - Higher performance, lower energy consumption and improved reliability
  • Compact Heat Exchangers for Oil Inter-coolers used in Heavy duty truck applications
  • Automotive and Off-road Vehicle Wheel Design for enhanced life under Corner Fatigue ( CFT ) and Radial Fatigue ( RFT ) Testing conditions
  • Steering effort enhancement, high cycle durability and failure elimination of automotive steering systems
  • Tyre Inflation FEA Analysis and Energy Distribution Analysis for Radial and Biased Ply tyres
  • Analysis to test correlation and Light Weight Braking Systems Development
FEA Services of EGS India - Capability Matrix

Stiffness and Stress Analysis
Noise, Vibration and Harshness Analysis ( NVH )
Frequency Estimation and Vibration prediction
Forced Frequency Response Calculations
High Cycle Durability Analysis
Fatigue Life Prediction analysis
Value Addition Value Engineering ( VAVE ) Analysis
Buckling load prediction
Analysis to test correlation for strains, frequency, life
Thermo-mechanical analysis
Evaluation of design parameters to meet functional tolerance objectives
Elastomeric material FEA simulation
System level analysis for performance prediction
Prediction of Failure Modes and Effects

White Paper on FEA of Automotive Systems
Download White Paper on 'Design Validation of Automotive Systems'

Point Mobility Response Plot for an Engine Mount

Point Mobility Plot for an Engine Mount     

Kinematic Analysis of Seat Actuation System
Kinematic Analysis of Seat Actuation System

Why EGS India for Automotive FEA Consultancy Services?

While many factors can be attributed to continuing patronage for FEA Consulting by EGS India, compelling reasons are as under:

  • Trusted Solutions based on Years of experience
  • Well Defined Simulation and Documentation Process
  • Swift Response Time
  • Affordable cost for varied simulations ranging from simple to highly complex non-linear analyses
  • Domain Knowledge in Finite Element Analysis and experience spanning over 2 decades
Did you know?
EGS India is committed to working with Indian Engineering Industries in developing energy-efficient, cost-effective and highly reliable products using the proven process involving FEA Simulation

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