SolidWorks Simulation - Benefits for Automotive and Transporation Industry

SolidWorks Simulation:  Easy to Use Validation for  Automotive Suppliers

Ranging from Simple Static Stress/ Stiffness analysis to tri-axial vibration shaker test to non-linear elastomeric applications, SolidWorks Simulation enables designers to perform Finite Element Analysis within the framework of 3D CAD.  With primary goals of Ease-of -Use and Empowering Designers to perform Up-front Engineering, SolidWorks Simulation has found  very high acceptance among automotive engineers.

5 Reasons Why Automotive Suppliers Invest in SolidWorks Simulation

SolidWorks Simulation has been adopted by the Automotive Community for many reasons.  Compelling among them are:
  • Ease of Use
  • CAD Integrated Design Validation with Optimization for Value Engineering
  • Proven multi-domain capabilities
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  • Assured support from EGS India - Authorised Reseller for SolidWorks Simulation in India since 1997
Braking System
Steering System
Suspension System
Lubrication System
Anti-Vibration Mounts
Bus Body Engineering
Fuel Injection Systems
Cooling Systems
Body Structure Sub-systems
Engine Control Modules
Lighting Systems
Instrument Panel Cluster
Plastics Product Design Validation
Elastomer Applications

Tyre Wheel Assembly Design Validation using SolidWorks Simulation

SolidWorks Simulation Clutch Deflection Plot

Capability Matrix of SolidWorks Simulation for Automotive & Transportation Applications

Functional Capability
SolidWorks Premium
Simulation Professional
Simulation Premium
SolidWorks Flow Simulation
Assembly Stress & Deflection for body structure (BIW), suspension, steering, Instrument Panel Cluster, Engine sub-systems, HVAC and moving parts
Available Available
Mechanism Simulation for Steering, Suspension applications
Available Available Available
Welded Structure Simulation for Load bearing members
Available Available Available
Failure Prediction in automotive sub-systems, moving parts and sheet-metal assemblies

Available Available
Compare and Optimize Alternative Designs for Weight Reduction

Available Available
Estimate Natural Frequencies of Instrumentation Cluster, Body-structure assemblies, Mounts and Isolators

Available Available
Estimate Buckling Loads on suspension, streering systems

Available Available
Heating and Cooling Simulation in Lubrication, HVAC, Cooling Circuits, ECM, Transmission and Braking

Available Available
Drop Test Simulation

Available Available
Repeated Loading Simulation

Available Available
Forced Vibration Simulation and Response to Tri-axial Shaker Tests (fixed and variable frequencies), PSD (Random Vibration)

Non-linear Dynamics of Elastomers, Seals, Advanced Tooth Contact Wear in Gears, Contact Stress, Boots, expansion joints

Simulate Plastic Parts

Fluid Flow Simulation for pumps, HVAC, Radiator, Ducts, Braking Systems, Internal and External Flows


SolidWorks Motion Simulation Plot

Thread Stresses in Automotive Application using SolidWorks Simulation

Exhaust System Flui Flow Analysis - Vector Plot using SolidWorks Flow Simulation