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Imagination to Reality - Solutions from SolidWorks

Creative design differentiates successful products.  Challenge of transforming imaginative ideas into real-world products is made simple using SolidWorks.  Be they Free form surfacing, dynamic editing of 3D contours, deformable modelling, interactive manipulation of complex geometries or transforming cloud point scan data set into solids, SolidWorks has been a great companion for Industrial Designers.  Feasibility of design concepts are easily evaluated inside SolidWorks using a rich set of Fit, form and Functional validation toolset, making it easy for designers to ensure their imagination becomes a reality.

Looking for Tools to give shape to your Designs? SolidWorks has the right answers

Creativity gets a boost with SolidWorks.  Industrial Designers are finicky in choosing expressive tools that complement their thoughts and ideas.  No concept would become a reality until it is feasible.  SolidWorks provides a comprehensive framework of toolsets that empowers Designers see their concept becoming reality at a pace faster than conventional design processes and tools.  Some of the powerful capabilities include:
  • Free Form Surfacing, n-sided patch fill, deformable shape modelling and interactive surface manipulation
  • Continuity, Tangency and Curvature check for advanced surface development
  • Design for Manufacture toolset, Mold, Tool and Die Design Toolset
  • Design Validation for fit, form and functional requirements
  • Photo-realistic Render engine for Natural visualization
  • Development of 3D sculptured models from Cloud Point Data using Scanto3D engine
  • Reverse engineering from physical design concepts

SolidWorks in Consumer Product Design

Benefits of SolidWorks for Consumer Product Designers

While SolidWorks has been accepted by the Industrial Design community as the de facto standard for product design and development, the numero uno position has been achieved on account of many benefits

  • SolidWorks enables Designers to concentrate on their products with easy to use intuitive framework
  • Concept feasibility and reliability are verified up front in the design process
  • Reduced Time to market for new products
  • Productivity toolset enhances user efficiency and ability to get things done in a shorter timeframe
  • Inter-operability with other CAD systems such as Rhino, Unigraphics, Solid Edge, Pro/ Engineer, Mechanical Desktop, Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD, CADKey among others
  • Value Engineering
  • Engineered products for higher reliability and lower cost
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