SolidWorks in Automobile System Design

Cost effective Design Engineering of Automotive Sub-Systems using SolidWorks

Driven by Cost Pressure, Profitability challenges and stringent Reliability norms, automotive suppliers - be they Tier I, Tier II or others, are investing in SolidWorks for their Design Engineering functions.  Proven in both product design as well as tool design for automotive products, SolidWorks has established a unique value proposition in terms of cost of investment, ownership as well as efficiency.

Why should Automotive Suppliers invest in SolidWorks?

Among many reasons attributed, by companies, to buying SolidWorks, following analysis provide compelling justification to move forward with SolidWorks.
  • Is Correctness and Completeness of Drawings according to ASME / ISO Standards important and relevant?
  • Is Cost reduction mandatory for every product designed?
  • Is Design Validation becoming a regular requirement to meeting product performance criteria?
  • Is 0 PPM at least cost a requirement?
  • Is staying profitable essential?
  • Is development of new technologies relevant for market leadership?
  • Is Overall cost of investment important to ensure profitability?
If any of the above provides an affirmative answer, then it is time to Invest in SolidWorks, now.

Find out what makes SolidWorks a Unique Mainstream Design Tool for Automotive Suppliers ...

Customers of SolidWorks have enjoyed many benefits while designing Automotive Subsystems.  Compelling Reasons for purchasing SolidWorks include:
  • Design Ease of Use - No contemporary CAD software comes close to SolidWorks in Intuitive Design and Productivity without compromising ergonomics.
  • DimXpert - Empowers development of  G D and T ( Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing ) based Drawing generation per ANSI/ ISO Standards for correctness and completeness
  • Integrated FEA and CFD  Validation - Solidworks Simulation and SolidWorks Flow Simulation helps determine Factors of Safety, Fatigue Life Assessment, Efficiency estimation, Vibration Response, Sensors for Test Correlation among a rich set of Design Validation tools.
  • Integrated Tolerance Stack Up Analysis - Perform Assembly Build and Achieve Low-Cost Tolerancing strategies towards 0 PPM objectives.
  • True CAD Inter-operability - With over 20 integrated translators, such as, Pro/Engineer, Autodesk Inventor, Mechanical Desktop, Solid Edge, Unigraphics, Parasolid, ACIS, STEP, CATIA Graphics (CGR - Read Only), CADKEY among others
  • Documentation and Manual Preparation - An essential part of the product development process, this is vital and an intrinsic part of the Company Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) that needs to be stored and re-used.
Popularity of SolidWorks in the automotive supplier community is a true testament of a Cost-effective, Reliable and Productive Design environment for Fit, Form and Functional requirements.

EGS India - Proven Partner for Automotive Design Using SolidWorks

EGS India - SolidWorks Reseller in India - has been working with numerous Automotive manufacturers in addressing their design, durability, value engineering initatives for varous sub-systems including braking, steering systems, elastomeric applications, suspension, lubrication and cooling systems. Benefits achieved by our customers include:

  • Fit, Form and Functional design of automotive products incorporating mission critical technologies
  • Validation of design using SolidWorks Simulation and Flow Simuation integrated inside Solidworks
  • Tolerance Stack Up analysis for achieving 0 PPM
  • Drawings based on Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing using DimXpert per ANSI / ISO Standards
  • Proven knowledge of design process for automotive product design from EGS India
EGS India has been involved in automotive system design, validation and development since 1993 !  As an established Design Centre, EGS has been a reliable partner for new product development in the automotive sector.
Did You Know that Success or Failure of a Product in terms of Function, Cost and Reliability is directly attributed to DESIGN?

Terrafugia - Aero Automobile Designed using SolidWorks
Aero - Automobile Designed using SolidWorks

SolidWorks in Automotive Industry