Electronics Applications - FEA Services from EGS India

Electronics Applications: Finite Element Analysis Services from EGS India

Electronic devices are found in many mission-critical applications.   Thermal Management, Shock & Vibration Resistance and Impact Sustenance are vital for increased reliability and efficient functioning.  EGS India has been working with numerous electronic and electrical equipment manufacturers to ensure the product specifications meet stringent norms required in practice.

Thermal Management

Temperature Estimation on PCB Boards Forced and Free Convection Cooling
Design Optimization of Heat-sink
Fan Performance & Location
Specification for forced Cooling
Thermal shock response
Hot & Cold Chamber Test Simulation
Air Flow mapping in electronic enclosure
Thermal Cycling - Transient Calculations
Estimate Thermal deformation
Integrated Fan Motor Cooling calculations
Compliance checking to SEMI, IEEE, JEDEC,
 EIA Standards
Automotive, Aero-space, Naval electronic
(ship board) applications
IC package location optimization
Closely spaced circuit boards
Temperature Regulation

Shock & Vibration Resistance

Assembly subjected to Sine, Random,
SOR excitations
Field Data Replication including Seismic
Constant and Variable Acceleration
Excitation Levels
Response to Mechanical Shock and Impulse
Elastomeric mount/ isolator design validation
SAE, NAVSEA DDAM among other Standards
Drop Test
Coupled Thermo mechanical analyses
Estimate Natural Frequencies
Aero-space, Naval and Defence applications

Navsea DDAM Shock Analysis

Battery Stack Seismic Response for Networking Standards

Why choose EGS India for Finite Element Analysis Services?

EGS India has been the preferred choice of Engineering Service provider for performing FEA by Electronics and Electrical Device Manufacturers for many reasons.  Some of the are:

  • Proven experience and domain knowledge for almost 2 decades
  • Established process for performing Finite Element Analysis
  • Successfully implemented products meeting wide ranging specifications and standards
  • Trusted and Confident partner for delivering on Challenging requirements
  • Correlated to Test data
Did you know?
NAVSEA DDAM Shock Design Standard has been complied with, by EGS India for mission critical applications
Network Rack Vibration Isolation