SolidWorks Simulation - Power Plant Equipment Design Validation

SolidWorks Simulation in Power Plant Engineering Applications

Power Plant Equipments need to deliver on Performance, Up-time and Cost-effectiveness in a globally competitive market place.  While conventional standards and codes provide for arriving at basic engineering design, SolidWorks Simulation empowers Design Engineers to validate their designs, intrinsically, at every step of the design process enabling the Team to deliver on Equipment Performance, Life and Cost parameters.
Every manufacturing organization that is involved in development of designs of power plant equipments needs to address the following challenges to stay competitive and profitable:
  • Provide Value to Customers at affordable Cost
  • Incorporate new technologies for lean- and mean- power generation
  • Develop Environmentally safe systems to become sustainable
  • Deliver Efficient and Cost-effective systems
  • Eliminate On-site failures and warranty problems that eat into profitability
  • Introduce fail-safe designs with highest standards of reliability without compromising on Value
Questions asked by Power Plant Owners to Power Plant Integrators can be summarized along the following lines:
  • Is Your Plant Design Efficient?
  • Is my runtime cost low and Per Unit Cost of Electricity low?
  • How many years of warranty can you give?
  • How competitive are you in terms of Cost compared to equipments imported from the Orient?
  • How do you guarantee that the plant will deliver on efficiency and cost-per-unit-of-electricity goals?
  • How quickly can you deliver?
All of the above have a common denominator - Design.  If the design has adequate material usage, delivers on performance consistantly, enhances life, reduces design engineering time then sustainable, profitable and enduring operations are guaranteed for the least investment cost.  With over 85% of a Plant Cost dictated by Design, Validation becomes a pre-requisite to deliver on customer requirements.  SolidWorks Simulation, time and again, delivers on these goals ensuring the total cost of ownership for the Power Plant Integrator remains low while delivering on Value.  Backed by years of technical expertise from EGS India, customers are assured of a return on investment by integrating the CAE process thro' SolidWorks Simulation.

Products and Equipments Developed using SolidWorks Simulation

Cyclone Separators
Ducting and Piping Network
Anti-Vibration Mounts
Furnace Design
Heat Exchangers
Expansion Joints
Blower and Fans - ID and FD types
Pressure Vessels
Environment Tanks
Dust Collectors and ESP's
Driers, Pre-heaters, Water Panels, Headers
Welded structures
Comparison to ASME codes for nozzles
Wind Power Generators
Hub, Extender, Nacelle Frame and Support Structures

Capability Matrix of SolidWorks Simulation for Power Plant Engineering Applications

Functional Capability
SolidWorks Premium
Simulation Professional
Simulation Premium
SolidWorks Flow Simulation
Assembly Static Simulation for stresses and deflections including Wind Power Equipments
Available Available
Mechanism Simulation for dampers
Available Available Available
Welded Structure Simulation for support structures
Available Available Available
Product Failure Prediction for nozzles, piping, pressure vessels and equipments

Available Available
Compare and Optimize Alternative Designs

Available Available
Estimate Natural Frequencies of fans, blowers and rotating parts

Available Available
Predict Linear Buckling Loads for axially loaded structures, windmill support structures

Available Available
Heating and Cooling Simulation of thermic fluids, heat exchangers, heating elements, boiler components, piping, expansion joints

Available Available
Drop Test Simulation

Available Available
Repeated Loading Simulation for cyclically loaded assemblies - Life Prediction including Hub, extenders in Windmill applications

Available Available
Forced Vibration Simulation - Harmonic excitation of prime movers, pumps, blowers and other moving parts, Seismic vulnerability check for power plant equipments

Non-linear Dynamics for seals, elastomeric parts, dampers, impact hammers

Simulate Plastic Parts

Fluid Flow Simulation for heat exchangers, boiler sub-systems, convective coils, radiative coils and heating coils involving thermic fluids, cyclone separators, dust collectors, ESP's, valves, pumps and other plant equipments