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Piping Design Software

Piping Design forms the heart of any Plant Design System.  Error-free Generation of Piping Geometries, Support Structures, Isometric Drawing Generation, Customized Bill of Materials (BOM) are critical to the success of any Plant Engineering initiative.  SMAP3D Integrated within SolidWorks empowers design teams to exploit the true 3D Parametrics of History-based CAD while retaining the functionalities of any Plant Design and Management Systems.  Advantages of SMAP3D are:
  • Quickplace Technology for faster turnaround time
  • Read-to-Use SMAP Piping Library
  • Easy Pipeline Path Definition with 3D Sketches
  • Automation of Pipeline Design Creation using Pipe Classes
  • Automatic placement of fittings and components
  • Automatic update of existing piping after placing fittings and components
  • Automatic recognition of Reducers/ Expansions in Piping systems
  • Support for Weldolets, Sockolets & Collars
  • Support for Weld Splits and Pipe length calculations
  • Automatic Generation of Insulation
  • Automated Bill of Materials (BOM - Bill of Quantities)
  • Integrated Solution for Piping, Isometrics and P & ID

Functional Details

Real-time 3D Piping in Plant Layout
Cabling Trays, Panels
Exhaustive Library - Piping Catalogue
BOM Generation & Customization
Integrated P & ID
Site-Weld/ Shop-Weld Classification
Ducting, Insulation Design
Pipe Support Representation
Interference Check
Detail Engineering Drawing
Isometric Drawing Generation
Customization of Isometrics

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Why Plant Engineering Solutions from EGS India?

Plant Engineering requirements demand wide experience and knowledge of equipments, piping, ducting, structural, integration of purchased items and development of General Arrangement and Detailed Engineering Drawings.  Additionally, to estimate costs at the RFQ (Request for Quote) Stage, the Bill of Quantities (BOM) has to be determined accurately.  EGS India has worked with varied Plant Engineering customers over the past decade.  Some of the vertical industrial segments include:

  • Cement Plant
  • Power Plant Engineering
  • Process Plant
  • Oil & Gas
  • Conveyors & Material Handling for Plant Engineering Requirements
Did you know?
SolidWorks with Integrated Plant Engineering empowers designers to exploit bi-directional parametricity for upstream and downstream changes and drawing / BOM updates

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