SolidWorks - Preferred Choice for 2D AutoCAD Users

SolidWorks 3D CAD - Safest Choice for 2D AutoCAD© Users

SolidWorks empowers users to move seamlessly onto 3D CAD while providing the choice of retaining legacy 2D CAD data in native form, thereby saving time, eliminating conversion effort and reducing cost of ownership.  SolidWorks 2D Editor (formerly DWGeditor) is a 2D DWG Drawing Editor that is provided FREE to SolidWorks Users for protecting their existing AutoCAD DWG drawings without the necessity to Upgrade AutoCAD once SolidWorks investment is made.  This saves money on costly 2D CAD upgrades.  For SolidWorks Subscription customers SolidWorks 2D Editor (formerly DWGEditor) is Upgraded FREE of Cost along with every Upgrade of SolidWorks !

Why move to 3D Now?

3D CAD, such as SolidWorks, possess Unique Advantages that can be leveraged by 2D CAD users for instant benefits without compromising on 2D Drawing Quality.  Some of them are:
  • Effective Visualization, Communication (in 3D using eDrawings) and Collaboration
  • Integrated Design Validation to achieve Higher Reliability, using CAE - Finite Element Analysis ( FEA ) and Computational Fluid Dynamics ( CFD ), while arriving at Least Cost ( Optimal ) Designs
  • Integrated Tolerance Analysis (using SigmundWorks) for effective least-cost Tolerancing and PPM estimation
  • Elimination of Re-work (off-site as well as on-site) due to Interference, design changes while providing accurate Bill-of-Materials ( BOM ) at the RFQ Stage !
  • Completeness and Correctness of Drawings to ANSI / ISO Standards assured using DimXpert - A Revolutionary Technology for the Engineering Design Community
  • Simply Stated - To Design Better Products that Customers Deserve ! Leverage on Next Generation Technology !

8 Reasons why SolidWorks is a Popular Choice for AutoCAD Users

Over 1 Million Users have chosen SolidWorks for a few simple resons:
  • Ease of Use
  • Truly Bi-Directionally Parametric 3D CAD Modeller
  • Ability to handle Extremely Large Assemblies of machines, power plants, process equipments, material handling units among others
  • Rapid 2D Drawing Creation with automatic updates (bi-directional)
  • Open Architecture for Customization, Design Automation and Knowledge Based Engineering
  • Integrated FEA, CFD, Kinematic Analysis and Tolerance Stack Up Analysis
  • One Environment for Mechanical Engineering Design with no-compromise on accuracy, flexibility and inter-operability with other CAD Systems
  • Truly Pleasant Design Engineering Experience !

Ready to Migrate from 2D CAD to 3D SolidWorks?

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