SolidWorks Enterprise PDM - Product Data Management for Enterprises

Eliminating Re-work, Increasing Security and Ensuring Higher Productivity - SolidWorks Enterprise PDM

Organizations are all about Data Flow - Creating, Preserving, Re-using, Securing and Updating Data relevant to the products being manufactured on a continuous basis.  A break in the chain of data flow leads to re-work, productivity loss, wastage of time, cross-fire, in-efficiency and finally - bottomline profitability.  SolidWorks Enterprise PDM enables every organization to create a rich, scalable database that is securely accessible and sharable by team members anywhere.

  • Collaborate across multiple offices, multiple time zones and even multiple continents
  • Re-use standard parts data cost-efficiently, rather than recreating from scratch
  • Ensure your team has immediate access to the latest product data available
  • Save time and simplify searching through files and designs for the right data
  • Streamline workflow, improve performance and cut costs enterprise-wide

Eliminate File Management Pains

As little as five days
- that's how quickly an organization can have SolidWorks PDM in place and eliminate chronic file management pains once and for all.

Fully integrated with 3D CAD SolidWorks software, SolidWorks Enterprise PDM deploys in a fraction of the time of other enterprise data management systems. Designed to be the affordable, easy to implement solution for small to midsize, multi-location, multi-national manufacturers, it is the perfect way to maximize  productivity of  CAD system throughout THE enterprise.

  • Administer the system internally and configure to support current workflows, business procedures and IT systems
  • Make a smooth transition with little to no disruption or downtime
  • Minimal training required - an intuitive interface emulates Windows® Explorer
  • Quickly streamline interaction and automate approvals between workgroups for immediate productivity gains
  • Accelerate ROI with the SolidWorks PDM Quick Start program

PDM Vs PLM - Right Choice

Contemporary PLM Solutions such as Windchill (from Parametric Technology), TeamCenter (from Siemens PLM), Arena (from Arena Solutions), SAP PLM (From SAP), while offering broad-based solutions involving many departments of a large engineering enterprise, confound the Industrial Enterprises in terms of chosing between PLM and PDM.  Answers to following questions would help IT (Information Technology) Professionals working in Manufacturing Industry, to confirm the choice of implementing PDM Vs PLM.
  • Do we have an ERP/ MRP implemented, already, in the organization?  If yes, why the functionality inside the same need to be replicated?
  • Do we have a Procurement (Purchase) System containing Supplier database being maintained for co-ordinating supply, shipment, purchase as well as managing the supply chain?
  • Can we afford to maintain a large team of programming experts who need to constantly maintain, upgrade, revise and manage large codes just to manage the PLM?
  • If engineering data alone needs to be managed, secured, re-used with workflow implemented, do I need a full fledged PLM that is larger on investment costs and overlaps our current investment in ERP/ MRP?
  • How soon should the implementation be completed?
  • Is lower cost of ownership a priority?

Productivity Chain - SolidWorks Enterprise PDM

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White Paper on PDM Vs PLM - Making the Right choice

Witness SolidWorks Enterprise PDM in action NOW

Enterpise PDM Capabilities - Scalable, Easy to Implement and Control - Shortest time to Productivity

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Protect product design data by providing secure, managed access only to authorized individuals, over a network or via the Web. Give access to partners, customers, and supply chain partners.
Help design team avoid overwriting files, and assist purchasing and manufacturing in ordering and producing the correct parts.
View and print more than 250 file types–including SolidWorks, AutoCAD®, PDF, and Microsoft® Office – plus images, animations, movie files and more. Other CAD platforms like Inventor® and Solid Edge® can be previewed using readily-available viewers
Easy to find documents based on their names, contained data, attached metadata, workflow state, and other parameters. For even greater productivity, user can pre-define, save, and share your searches
SolidWorks Enterprise PDM is fully configurable. Hence it works well within an Organization's unique team structure, design process, and industry
As the organization grows, the same high level of speed, functionality and security is assured
For multi-national companies, or ones with multiple-site offices, SolidWorks EPDM supports document/drawing vault replication over a WAN, making current design information immediately available worldwide. EPDM supports Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian and Spanish
Access to design data from anywhere with a Web connection with security assured - only based on organizational hierarchy
SolidWorks EPDM supports automates functions like engineering change notices (ECN)/engineering change order (ECO) processes, and integration and connectivity to MRP and ERP systems. Automatic email notifications prompt team members on actions required at specific stages, while an overview of project status highlights bottlenecks for managers
Secure Access to Data Using Enterprise PDM
Secure Access
Revision Control Using SolidWorks Enterprise PDM
Revision Control
Full Document Preview using SolidWorks Enterprise PDM
Full Document Preview
Design Data Search and Re-use - SolidWorks Enterprise PDM
Design Data Search and Re-use
Custom Configuration - Powerful and Easy using SolidWorks Enterprise PDM
Fully configurable - Customization
Scalability - PDM Approach using SolidWorks Enterprise PDM in a Drag and Drop Manner
Distributed Design Teams - Vault Replication using SolidWorks Enterprise PDM - Easy and Painless
Vault Replication - Multi Site Access
Remote Access with Windows Explorer - Unique from SolidWorks Enterprise PDM
Remote Access Via Windows Explorer
Automated Approval Process - SolidWorks Enterprise PDM just makes it easy
Automated Approval Process