Material Handling Equipment Design Validation using Finite Element Analysis by EGS India

Material Handling Equipments: FEA Services from EGS India

Details of Material Handling FEA
Real Life Situations:
  • Imagine reducing 16% of the weight of a scissor lift platform by performing FEA.  This has a cascading effect on the costing of the entire platform starting from load carrying members, bearings, actuators, oil circuits, reservoirs, material consumed, transportation, operational efficiency and lift time !  Not to mention profitability and customer satisfaction.
  • An EOT Crane handling molten metal cannot stop or fail and has to perform continuously without any downtime.  Imagine thermal cracks developing on the crane leading to vulnerability in handling molten metal !
  • An easy-to-transport-assembe-disassemble-re-assemble crane needs to be provided for lifting over 100 Tonnes.  Weight reduction, failsafe performance and above all cost savings are mandatory objectives that cannot be compromised.
  • In an RFQ situation wherein the specification in a tender document states usage of a particular regulatory code, every manufacturer estimates Bill of Materials ( BOM ) for costing with very little deviations in design.  Margin of profit is determined only by cost overheads, operational efficiency and expenses.  In such a situation if the BOM reflects a 10% reduction in cost without compromising on reliability and quality, that significantly impacts the bottomline profitability.
In all these situations EGS India has delivered time and again, meeting demanding situations and helping customers win orders, achieve higher profitability without compromising on safety and warranty objectives.
Details of Material Handling Equipment FEA Services from EGS India, Chennai

Stiffness and Stress Analysis of Lifting Beams, Girders and Support Structures
Life Estimation of Load bearing members
Weight Reduction of Material Handling Equipments and Devices
Seismic vulnerability analysis of Material Handling equipments used in critical applications
Performance estimation of stackers, reclaimers
Light weight designs of conveyor aggregates
Contact Stress analysis for wear
Buckling load prediction
Analysis to test correlation for strains, frequency, life
Thermo-mechanical analysis
Estimation of vibration in Gear Boxes, Winches, Driveline components and assemblies
Structural design verifiation for wind, self-weight, operational loads as well as earth quake conditions
System level analysis for performance prediction
Prediction of Failure Modes and Effects

Scissos Lift Finite Element Analysis by EGS India
Weight Reduction of Scissor Lift     

Finite Element Analysis of Gantry Crane by EGS India
Gantry Crane - Design Validation and Value       Engineering for Least Cost     

Why EGS India for Material Handling FEA?

EGS India has been the preferred choice for performing FEA on material handling devices for the following reasons:

  • Knowledge of Material Handling Design Codes and Standards
  • Domain Knowledge on Finite Element Analysis for Material Handling Equipments
  • Proven expertise on wide ranging projects
  • Tangible benefits in terms of cost reduction, value engineering and USP for equipments evaluated.
  • Trusted by reknowned Manufacturers of Material Handling Equipments in India and rest-of-the-world.
Did you know?
85% of the cost of a material handling equipment is determed by design.