SolidWorks API Customization Training by EGS India - Certified SolidWorks Training in India

SolidWorks Training - Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy

SolidWorks API Training
Prerequisites: SolidWorks Essentials, Visual Basic programming
Description: API Fundamentals teaches use of SolidWorks API (Application Programming Interface) to automate and customize SolidWorks for Design Automation, Knowledge Based Engineering and Customization for Higher Design Productivity and Design Knowledge Re-use.
Course Duration: 3 days
About This Course
Windows® XP
Use of Color
Getting Started
Macro Recording Tips
Lesson 1: Using the Macro Recorder   Macro Recording
Macro Toolbar
Understanding How Macro Code Works
Understanding How to Call Members on API Interfaces
Passing Parameters
Cleaning Up Code
Adding Forms to a Macro
Lesson 2: The API Object Model
SolidWorks API Object Model
Application Objects
Case Study: Connecting to New Documents
Case Study: Connecting to Existing Documents
Lesson 3: Setting System Options & Document Properties
User Preferences - System Options
User Preferences - Document Properties
Locating the Correct APIs and Enumeration Values
UserPreference Tables For System Options
UserPreference Tables For Document Properties
Lesson 4: Automating Part Design
Case Study: Automation Tool for Parts
Lesson 5: Assembly Automation
Case Study: Automation Tool for Assemblies
Lesson 6: Drawing Automation
Case Study: Automating Drawing Creation
Lesson 7: Selection and Traversal Techniques
Case Study: Programming With a Selected Object
The SolidWorks BREP Model
Case Study: Body and Face Traversal
Case Study: Feature Manager Traversal
Lesson 8: Adding Custom Properties and Attributes
Case Study: Custom Properties
Case Study: Configurations With Custom Properties
Case Study: File Summary Information
Case Study: Document Attributes
The Attribute Objects
Case Study: Face Attributes
Lesson 9: The SolidWorks API SDK
Case Study: Creating a VB.NET Add-In
Case Study: Creating a C# Add-In
Case Study: C++ Add-Ins
Choosing a Programming Language
Lesson 10: Customizing the SolidWorks User Interface
Case Study: Customizing the UI With VB.NET
Understanding The Add-in Code
Property Pages
Property Page Groups and Controls
Removing Menus and Toolbars
Other Areas of Customization
Lesson 11: Notifications
Notifications in VBA
Case Study: Simple Notification
Case Study: Using Notifications in .NET
Macro Feature
Batch Conversion 1
Batch Conversion 2
Assembly Traversal
Custom Model View

SolidWorks API Training - Getting Started

SolidWorks VB Interface for Design Automation - API Training by ACADEMIX on SolidWorks Customization 

Why EGS India for SolidWorks Training?


ACADEMIX is a training division of EGS India, started in 1996, to impart leading edge technology to the design and development engineers.  Addressing the Fit, Form and Functional aspects of design, the training provided is intended to address real-world challenges.  Corporates and Individuals are trained in many facets of Engineering Design.  Some of them are:

  • Computer Aided Design using SolidWorks
  • Finite Element Analysis, Kinematic Analysis and CFD Analysis
  • Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing
  • Tolerance Stack Up Analysis to Predict Assembly Build and Performance
  • Structural Dynamics
Did you know?
A Career in Design is an exciting exprience and reward to Creativity, Imagination and Perseverance !