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Testimonials from Customers of EGS India

Proof of professional ethics, higher standards of technical expertise and symbol of trust comes from testimonials provided by Customers.  EGS India is proud to provide Value and Enduring experience to its Customers for higher contribution to SocietySome of the testimonials are provided as proof of EGS India meeting and / or exceeding customer expectations.

Considering the confidential nature of engagement with Clients, we reproduce only the text of testimonials:

'Every time there is an issue with our Plant Engineering Equipments, in terms of performance and failures, we have relied on the capabilities of EGS team of engineers to deliver on trusted solutions in terms of life enhancement and performance improvement.'
 - Petro-chemical Major
'EGS takes all our challenges as their own and provides solutions with a higher level of ownership and dedication, seen few and far in Industry today.  Their success comes from sincerity of purpose, no doubt.'
 - Automotive OEM in Agricultural Business
'Training on G D & T provided by EGS India is truly unique, drawing on rich experience, strong diction and above all clarity in undestanding the design process.'
- Multi-national Engineering Technology Centre
'Seminars conducted by EGS India contain value that helps us develop better products.  Very few companies have the depth of knowledge, expertise and understanding such as EGS and this deserves appreciation.'
- Industrial and Domestic Pump Manufacturer
Recalling various work performed by EGS Projects team on simulations, design iterations & analysis to test correlations relating to our product, we truly appreciate your team's dedication and effort and recognize, the valuable role played by Team-EGS in working in synergy with our product development team in various procedures for design validation using Finite Element Analysis. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to more interactions with your team.
- Tier I Supplier to Automotive Sector
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