Machine Design Finite Element Analysis Services from EGS India

Machinery Design & Development: FEA Services from EGS India, Chennai

Innovation in machine design is a constant challenge faced by Engineering Industries.  EGS India has been involved in FEA Services for Machine Designs of varied nature.  Problem solving ability of EGS India has benefitted Machine manufactures in many ways.  Some of them include:
  • Vibration estimation of High Speed Manufacturing Systems
  • Machine Tool Spindle Vibration elimination
  • Achievement of Flatness Tolerances for machined parts on Machining Centres
  • Reduction in Tool change cycle time
  • Elimination of tool failures
  • Increased MTBF for mission critical machines
  • Compliance studies in Jigs and Fixtures applications
  • Enhanced Life Design for Vibro-finishing machines
  • Infinite Life Designs for Hydraulic, Mechanical and Electrically actuated Presses
  • Tyre Curing Machinery - FEA, Design Validation, Value Engineering and Correlation to Test data
Stiffness Analysis of Load-bearing members in machines
Machine Tool Bed Vibration - Identification and Elimination
Actuation System - Kinematic synthesis and analysis
Optimization of Machine Design for Fit, Form and Function
High Speed Actuation system design validation
Fatigue Life Prediction for MTBF
Dimensional Management - Effect on Operational parameters including stresses and vibrations
Evaluation of Alternate Materials for better performance and reduced cost
Load estimation in complex mechanical actuation systems
Thermo-mechanical analysis of machines
Evaluation of design parameters to meet functional tolerance objectives
Simulation of seals in hydraulic systems and actuators
Noise, Vibration and Durability Analysis of devices and components
Prediction of Failure Modes and Effects

Vibro Finishing Machine Design Validation for Infinite Life using Finite Element Analysis - Done by EGS India
Vibro Finishing Equipment FEA

Why perform Finite Element Analysis Services for Machines & equipments?

Machine manufacturers face numerous challenges in terms of design and development cycle time, profitability, performance and warranty.  All of these business issues directly relate to engineering designs of machines and the drawings developed.  EGS India has been working with long-time machine manufacturers in continuously striving to deliver better machines at higher profitability.  Answers, in affirmative, to any of the following questions justify FEA as a part of the design process:

  • Is Cost Reduction a constant challenge?
  • Is Profitability under threat?
  • Will a better performing machine at a lower cost be a preferred choice for the customer?
  • Will field failure and warranty issue affect the Trust and Image of the Company?
  • Does the customer deserve a better product at a lesser cost in terms of operation, maintenance and energy consumption?
Did you know?
If every job function in an organization revolves around engineering drawings, is it not correct to say that a Drawing can make or break a company?