SolidWorks Training on Increasing 3D CAD Productivity inside SolidWorks using Productivity Tools

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CAD Productivity Tools
Prerequisites: SolidWorks Essentials.: Parts and Assemblies
Description: A self-study guide to improving your productivity with SolidWorks® software.  Learn the fundamentals of CAD Productivity Tools at your own speed, and become more productive using FeatureWorks®, SolidWorks Utilities, and SolidWorks Toolbox®.
Course Duration: 1 day
Lesson 1: Introduction
What is the FeatureWorks® software?
What is the Toolbox® software?
What is the SolidWorks® Utilities software?
Starting FeatureWorks, Toolbox and Utilities
Getting Help
Lesson 2: Using FeatureWorks
Stages in the Process
Importing the Geometry
Automatic Feature Recognition
The FeatureWorks Process
Interactive Feature Recognition
Recognized Features Manager
Editing the Recognized Features
Volume Features

Lesson 3: Using SolidWorks® Utilities
SolidWorks® Utilities Tools
Compare Features
Report Manager
Compare Geometry
Geometry Analysis
Find, Modify, Suppress and Simplify
Power Select
Symmetry Check
Feature Paint
Lesson 4: Using SolidWorks Toolbox®
Toolbox Browser
Add to Library
3D Content Central®
Structural Steel
Beam Calculator
Bearing Calculator

Feature Works for Feature Recognition of Imported 3D CAD Geometry

SolidWorks Utilities for Higher Productivity - Save Time and Effort

Increase CAD Productivity with SolidWorks Training on using Productivity Tools inside SolidWorks


ACADEMIX is a training division of EGS India, started in 1996, to impart leading edge technology to the design and development engineers.  Addressing the Fit, Form and Functional aspects of design, the training provided is intended to address real-world challenges.  Corporates and Individuals are trained in many facets of Engineering Design.  Some of them are:

  • Computer Aided Design using SolidWorks
  • Finite Element Analysis, Kinematic Analysis and CFD Analysis
  • Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing
  • Tolerance Stack Up Analysis to Predict Assembly Build and Performance
  • Structural Dynamics
Did you know?
A Career in Design is an exciting exprience and reward to Creativity, Imagination and Perseverance !

ACADEMIX - Training on Design, Simulation, FEA, G D and T