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                  SolidWorks for Design Drawing Automation and Knowledge


DriveWorks: Design automation for aiding Sales, RFQ's and Drawing Release

Business Reasons that enable Companies to automate their Designs, include:

  • Reduce the cost of custom designs
  • Respond quickly to sales inquiries
  • Enhance product quality
  • Reduce repetitive tasks
If the answer to any of the questions given below is YES, then DriveWorks Software may be the answer.
  • Does your company create new designs that are the same but different?
  • Do you have repetitive design tasks that could be automated?
  • Could your products be defined by a set of rules?

Empowered Design using DriveWorks

  • DriveWorks lets you capture and re-use knowledge and rules to specify, design and engineer to order
  • Respond quickly to sales enquiries
  • DriveWorks lets you automate repetitive tasks and generate design, manufacturing and sales outputs quickly and accurately
  • Use DriveWorks to create and configure custom products in minutes... not days!

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DriveWorks - Knowledge Reuse by Design Automation

DriveWorks Feature Comparison 
DriveWorks Feature Comparison

Why Design Automation Solutions from EGS India?

EGS India has been working with numerous Engineering Companies world-wide in providing Design Automation and CAD Customization solutions for varied engineering design requirements.  Some of the recent projects include

  • Cement Plant Equipment 3D and 2D Drawing Automation
  • Automotive Brake Rotor Drawing Automation
  • Conveyor and Material Handling Equipment Design Automation
  • Expansion Joint Design per EJMA
  • Pressure Parts Design and Drawing Automation
  • Duct Engineering - Drawing Generation
Did you know?
SolidWorks with Integrated DriveWorks saves on Time, Cost of Drawing generation and eliminates errors in Design and Drawing Generation Process

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