SolidWorks Simulation in Rubber and Plastic Product Design Validation

SolidWorks Simulation:  Advanced Design Validation for Plastics and Elastomers

Plastics, composites, elastomers require higher levels of design validation that involves modelling of complex materials having properties that can vary from orthotropy to an-isotropy.  SolidWorks Simulation enables design engineers to quickly validate design concepts involving higher degree of complexity including material, contact, loading among other parameters.  Ease of use in defining the simulation objective reduces the over simulation process time resulting in more analyses and design studies getting performed in lesser time.

Advanced Simulation has never been so easy !

SolidWorks Simulation addresses core requirements in Value Engineering, Reliability and Performance. 

Six Reasons for using SolidWorks Simulation Solutions in Real-World Non-Linear Situations

Simulation of Natural phenomena requires evaluation of Non-linear Behaviour to arrive at accurate results.  Complexity involved in an analysis set-up has been removed and made easy using SolidWorks Simulation.  Increasingly many Indian Manufacturers are adopting SolidWorks Simulation for Non-linear simulations as applied to plastics and elastomers.  Some of the compelling reasons include:
  • Rich library of material models for proven non-linear simulations
  • Integrated CAD environment for Parametric studies and Best-in-class-design evaluations
  • Design Optimization Studies based on 3D CAD Parametric Model inside SolidWorks
  • Easy to Define, Solve and Interpret Analysis methods
  • Integrated Multi-physics environment for true seamless integration with Design environment
  • Proven and Trusted Technical Support from EGS India - Reseller since 1997

Fool Proof Designs - SolidWorks Simulation solves critical problems

Be it material non-linearity or geometric non-linearity or a combination of them, SolidWorks Simulation empowers Design Engineers to arrive at design-driven solutions faster without compromising on accuracy.  Applications in Plastics Industry, Rubber Polymer Industry, Seal Development, Fabric tensioning or any complex situation involving all aspects of multi-physics are easily simulated using SolidWorks Simulation.

Why Select SolidWorks Simulation for Non-linear Applications?

SolidWorks Simulation has extended benefits for Design engineers working on mission-critical applications wherein fail-safe no-compromise designs are mandated by Cost control, Profitability and Reliability.  Some of the compelling reasons that customers have chosen SolidWorks Simulation over contemporary tools and technologies include:
  • Ease of Use - Time taken to define, analyze and change designs is very small
  • Flexible and adaptable to changing design situations - Concurrent Engineering Processes
  • Multi-physics problem solving in one CAD Integrated Domain
  • Accurate solution for problems involving contact, non-linearites - both Geometric and Material
  • Proven solution adopted by numerous corporations world-wide
  • Empowers Design Engineers to focus on their designs
  • Trusted Support from EGS India - Simulation Partner with almost two decades of experience

Plastic Extruder Deflection Plot Using SolidWorks Simulation

Thermal management of Projection Systems using SolidWorks Flow Simulation