Process Equipment - Finite Element Analysis and CFD Analysis Services from EGS India

Process Plant Equipment Engineering Services: FEA Services from EGS India, Chennai

FEA Applications in Process Engineering
EGS India has been working with numerous Process Plant Equipment Manufacturers as well as Process Plant Mechanical Engineering Services Units to augment life, increase efficiency and performance of wide ranging process equipments that need to meet or exceed deliveries under demanding situations.  Some of the applications include Textile, Petro-chemical, Environmental, Food Processing, Cement and Bulk Material Handling, Water Treatment, Chillers, Aeration Tanks to name a few.

Projects Handled by EGS India in FEA Services for Process Sector

Piping Flexibility Analysis
Pressure Vessel, Nozzle FEA
Engineering Analysis and Report Generation per ASME Standards
Verification of Designs as Third Party Inspectors
Life estimation for moving components and systems
Failure Modes Prediction
Heat Exchanger Design Validation and Efficiency improvement
CFD of Cyclones, Dryers, Separators, Heat Exchangers, Piping Systems, Valves, Water Panels,Headers
Analysis to test correlation for strains, frequency, life
Thermo-mechanical analysis of sealing systems
FEA of Expansion Joints
Warranty: Service Life calculation for Equipments
Remaining Life Analysis
Elimination of Vibrations in Power Plant Systems

EGS India performs Remaining Life Analysis on equipments that have been in service and provides ways and means to augment life and capacity based on economy of situation

Scrubber FEA by EGS India
Scrubber FEA by EGS India

Past Experiences of EGS India in Process Engineering Applications

  • Stress and deflection calculations for pressure vessels, agitators, environment tanks, process equipments and comparison to ASME code
  • Nozzle stress calculations
  • Wind-loading, Hydro-static pressure testing of process equipments and qualification of equipments to seismic excitation based on zonal classification
  • Heat transfer simulation of heat exchangers (plate type, shell-and-tube type, air-cooled), super-heaters, evaporators, condensers, cooling tanks, boilers, distillation columns and chillers
  • Fluid-induced vibration simulation of columns, tube bundles, pipe supports among others
  • Life expectancy calculations for dryers (static and rotary), centrifuges, rotating equipments and load-bearing members
  • High-temperature applications involving seals and gaskets
  • Stiffness, stress and life calculations for expansion joints
  • Seismic Certification of Process plant equipments for Earth Quake Resistant design requirements
Did you know?
Life of existing Process Plant equipment can be enhanced by modifying designs using FEA for higher return on investment