Power Plant Engineering - Equipment Finite Element Analysis by EGS India - Engineering Services Provider since 1993...

Power Plant Engineering: FEA Services from EGS India, Chennai

Power Plant Equipments and Systems have one fundamental requirement - Failure is not an option. 

EGS India, Chennai, has been working with numerous Power Plant Integrators, Power Plant Engineering, Equipment Suppliers and EPC Contractors to address three aspects critical to the success of Power Engineering business:
  • Fail-safe
  • Efficient, and
  • Cost-effective Engineering Designs
Having 3 offices in India, namely, Chennai, Trichy, Coimbatore, EGS India has been implementing engineered designs that are functionally superior, efficient and long lasting to many customers in India.  Some of the areas of experise include the following:

Piping Flexibility Analysis
Pressure Vessel, Nozzle FEA
Engineering Analysis and Report Generation per ASME Standards
Verification of Designs as Third Party Inspectors
Life estimation for moving components and systems
Failure Modes Prediction
Heat Exchanger Design Validation and Efficiency improvement
CFD of Cyclones, Dryers, Separators, Heat Exchangers, Piping Systems, Valves, Water Panels,Headers
Analysis to test correlation for strains, frequency, life
Thermo-mechanical analysis of sealing systems
FEA of Expansion Joints
Warranty: Service Life calculation for Equipments
Remaining Life Analysis
Elimination of Vibrations in Power Plant Systems

EGS India performs Remaining Life Analysis on Turbine Components, Boiler Equipments and Moving parts

Remaining Life Analysis of Steam Turbines
Remaining Life Analysis of Steam Turbine    

Fluid Flow Analysis using CFD
Flow Analysis in a Regulator     

Past Experiences of EGS India in Power Plant Engineering Applications

  • Remaining Life Analysis of Static and Rotating components such as turbine parts
  • Heat transfer analysis of heat exchangers, boilers, pre-heaters, headers among others.
  • Fluid flow analysis in cyclones, waste-heat recovery systems, chimneys, cooling towers and environmental and pollution control sub-systems
  • Efficiency estimation of pumps
  • Energy flow studies in wind power applications
  • Solutions to Vibration induced failure problems
  • Strength and stiffness calculations for pressure vessels, structural members and tanks
  • Earthquake Response (Seismic) Analysis of sub-systems
  • Creep analysis and aging calculations for high-temperature applications
Did you know?
Hidden Costs: Profitability of a Power Plant Project Depends on limiting Re-work at Site, Performance Issues and Warranty Costs.  All are Design Dependent.  Validation solves these issues in right earnest.