SolidWorks Simulation - A CAD Integrated Design Solution

SolidWorks Simulation Reseller Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy, India

EGS India has been the Authorized India-Wide Reseller for SolidWorks Simulation ( Cosmos FEA ) since 1997.  Backed by years of experience in solving product performance issues, EGS India has been successfuly implementing SolidWorks Simulation across a wide variety of applications including automotive, material handling, appliance, process, power, heavy engineering and machinery Industries.  Reputed Manufacturing Enterprises have invested in SolidWorks Simulation for three main reasons - Easy to Use CAD Integrated Solution, Trusted Experience from EGS India and ability to simulate wide ranging problems.

Looking to Validate Your Designs Quickly?

SolidWorks Simulation empowers Design Engineers working on varied CAD systems, such as Autodesk Inventor, SolidEdge, Unigraphics, Pro/ Engineer, CATIA among others, in addition to SolidWorks, to validate their designs without any barrier.  Interoperability with other CAD systems enables SolidWorks to overcome translation issues and provides designers with a framework to cross-check their designs instead of concentrating on the tool.

Imagine performing a static stress analysis on a complex-shaped plastic part assembly and automatically writing a comprehensive report with all plots needed in under half-hour without compromising on accuracy !  Yes, SolidWorks Simulation has set a new paradigm in Empowered Analysis

Need an experienced Solution Provider?

EGS India, has been numero uno when it comes to addressing Simulation requirements.  Proven experience in simulation, solutions to real-world problems and rich repertoire of application knowledge have made EGS India the preferred partner for providing Simulation solutions for customers in India.  Some of them include:

  • Proven Technical Expertise in Engineering Simulation and Design Validation
  • Qualified Support Team comprising of Certified SolidWorks Simulation Professionals
  • Customer-centric approach to problem solving
  • Ability to handle querries on complex simulation situations, analysis-to-test correlations and delivering on technology in varied areas of application
  • Continuous Improvement in Technical Support Process
  • Ability to address different Vertical Industry Segments based on rich experience derived from executing complex Design Projects

Gear Box Cover Stress Analysis