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Medical Applications: FEA Services from EGS India

Medical Devices involving Electro-mechanical systems need critical validation of design performance to ensure fail-safe operation with no scope for malfunction.  Working on complex mechanical functions that need to be performed under life-saving situations, every aspect of design needs validation.  EGS India, having perfected design validation using Finite Element Analysis (FEA), is the preferred choice for various engineering simulations to assess response of devices to what-if scenarios.

Thermal Management of Electro-mechanical Devices
Fluid Flow Simulation for Pumps and Hydraulic systems
Actuation System - Kinematic synthesis and analysis
Optimization of Design for Fit, Form and Function
Drop Test validation
Hot & Cold Chamber Test Simulation
Dimensional Management - Effect on Operational safety
Life Estimation - meet Warranty requirements
Sealing System - Elastomeric seal analysis
Plastic snap-fit design validation
Compliance checking to FDA, CE and other standards
Estimation of forces in actuation, assembly and operation
Noise, Vibration and Durability Analysis of devices and components
Prediction of Failure Modes and Effects

Why perform Finite Element Analysis Services for Medical equipments?

For Medical Devices, Failure is  not an option.  Critical Life Support systems, Patient Welfare devices, Supplementary Equipments, Operaating Theatre Equipments and devices are intended to perform all the time without reprieve.  It is important that the designs are fail-safe.  Compelling reasons to perform FEA as a part of Design Validation include:

  • Patient Safety
  • Least Cost
  • Highest Standards of Reliability
  • Improved Energy Efficiency
  • Highest Product Quality
Did you know?
Every Medical Device can be evaluated for Feasibility by checking design performance before first prototype build